Joe has been our health insurance broker for multiple years.   He is conscientious and thorough, extremely knowledgeable about his subject matter, and a tremendous advocate for his clients.  If he does not know the answer to a question, he researches and finds the answer.  I would enthusiastically endorse him to anyone!

Bob Picozzi

Nationally Renowned Sportscaster


I consulted Joe Behuniak when it was time for me to obtain Medicare coverage. I found him to be very knowledgeable. He was able to explain the often complicated, different options available to me in understandable language. He was prompt and responsive to my calls. I was very pleased with his assistance and recommend him highly.

Elizabeth S.



Joe Behuniak is professional, courteous, kind and thoughtful as well as being extremely knowledgeable about all available health insurance plans and cares that the best possible/most appropriate plan is chosen. His presentation of information is concise and direct with no patronization or condescension in his delivery. Through a bureaucratic error (nightmare actually) my Medicare coverage was abruptly terminated. Joe was tenacious in his follow up with the insurance company and my medical coverage was reinstated in less than two weeks due to Joe’s persistence; as a professional in the health insurance industry myself, I know that is rarely the case, as it often takes weeks for a bureaucratic snafu to be untangled. Joe’s sense of responsibility to the client does not end with the choice of an insurance plan; he is there to assist in whatever way he can. His work ethic is stellar and you can do no better than choosing Joe Behuniak as your health insurance broker. 

Barbara G., RN



Joseph Behuniak is punctual, gracious, considerate, knowledgeable, and efficient.  He has helped us for decades.  We appreciate his equanimity, honesty, and sincerity in helping us make decisions about our health care. He never leaves an issue unanswered or unresolved. He is available to help us if we urgently need to get information or even totally change our plan, even after it’s started.  He is what we all need – an honest man we can depend on.

 Maureen and Dr. Jim

 Central Connecticut


When my wife and I became eligible for Medicare, a friend recommended Mr. Joseph Behuniak.  We contacted him and he explained the whole Medicare process to us. We were so confused but after talking with him, we finally understood about plans that would fit our needs.  We are so glad that we contacted him.  We are now clients of his for the last three years.

M & M



It has been my pleasure to have worked with Joe for over two decades as a business owner and a retiree. I can confidently recommend Joe for any insurance needs. He was especially helpful in our transition into retirement. His thorough , professional and knowledgeable advice has always been indispensable to me. He has always been available for any questions and quick to respond. My wife and I highly recommend him for all your insurance needs.
Tom S.
East Hampton


My husband and I have worked with Joe for 8 yrs or so. He listens, cuts through all the confusing options and comes up with 2 or 3 for us to choose from.  He is always there for support throughout the year, we couldn’t be happier and have recommended him to several friends and relatives.

Lois B.



I have been working with Joe for the past 6 years, and have been extremely satisfied.    Joe has the ability to understand what your needs are, and implementing a plan that works best for you.    His knowledge and hard work ethic have been the keys to his success.

John M



 I have dealt with Joe and The Cheshire Agency for the last 4 years. Joe is extremely knowledgeable in the Medicare insurance arena. He has been a long time agent and is very good at getting the right plan for your individual circumstances. Joe is always there for any questions that could arise.  Pleasant to deal with. 




Joe was extremely knowledgeable about the Medicare products. He walked me through the entire process from start to finish effortlessly. His communications were timely and informative. I would recommend Joe to anyone who is about to embark on the Medicare journey.

Dale P.