Finding The Perfect Plan

Step One:  We begin by getting to know what’s important to you when it comes to healthcare.   By understanding your unique needs, we can anticipate which plan will best suit your needs in the months to come.  We gather this information through a carefully designed questionnaire, which will help us to understand your usage of healthcare services.

Step Two:  Using this information, we go to work for you, free of charge.   We analyze every plan, from every major carrier in Connecticut, looking at their benefits, network, drug formulary, rates, and reputation.  By comparing this with how you use healthcare services, we can determine which plan best suits your needs.

Step Three:  We will explain your best options in a simple, concise way.   Sales material for all relevant plans is then reviewed to ensure a thorough understanding of any plans of interest.  If you decide to enroll, a short application is completed and forwarded to the insurance carrier for enrollment.

It should be noted there is NEVER an obligation to enroll, nor is there ever a fee for our services.  We are compensated by the insurance carrier if you decide to enroll in their coverage.  And, while we hope you will become a valued client of The Cheshire Agency, we understand this won’t always be the case.   When this happens, we hope our service will impress you enough to recommend us to friends and family when they are searching for their own Medicare solutions.